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An important aspect of any flying club is its history. A history of the club itself, the field and as in SRQ's case, the many stopping points it has made. And just as important, a history of the members that helped shape, nurture and develop SRQ into the world class field it is today. The links to the left will take you through SRQ's history in written word, pictures and video dating back to the mid 1950's all the way to May 2015, and I'm sure more will be added in the future as the club progresses.

The second section on the left, "WRITTEN HISTORY", is a written history by long time SRQ member Parker Tunis. Although now gone, Parker left SRQ with a history that dates back to the clubs nomadic start in the 1950's all the way to the field as it was in the early 1990's.

The third section on the left, "OLD SRQ", contains video of the Old SRQ field, including some flying video, which was located at the bottom of the Bee Ridge Landfill.

 The fourth section on the left, ""NEW SRQ", is and a video and picture progression of the building of the "NEW" field which is the current location of the existing field, at the top of the Old Bee Ridge Landfill. All Video was recorded, narrated and provided by long time SRQ member Jim Behanna. Thanks Jim!

The fifth section on the left, "NEW SRQ PAVING", contains pictures and video from the 2015 field rejuvenation and the paving of the field’s roadway and parking lot, all of which have transformed SRQ into a World Class Flying Site! Thanks to all that helped with this project including Dick Bobb, Mike Cameron, Martin DeRoy, Ali Haas, Bob Helbling, Al Jensen,  Ken Shockey and Bobby Silvia............

The sixth, and most important section on the left, is the "HONORS" section. These members, some now missing from formation, are some, although not all, of the noteworthy members that helped to develop the club and field into what it is today. Thanks to Mike Winter for keeping this historical record. The "HONORS" section also includes a history of past SRQ Presidents and select yearly awards for outstanding service and dedication by the great members of SRQ.

Editors Note:
Without the written history provided by Parker Tunis and documented by Mike Winter, the video recorded and saved by Jim Behanna and the already posted Member Memorial and awards section by Mike Winter, these SRQ History pages could not be. I would like to thank them all for their foresight in keeping SRQ's history alive and well... I hope these History pages bring back good memories for the older SRQ members and that the new and upcoming members enjoy learning about the fields past and keep the history going into the future.
Keith Dennis
Web Admin

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